Our services are similar for all businesses.  We save you money on your electricity and/or gas supply.

We do this by finding the best rate from energy suppliers that meet your specific needs.  We want to lock in a long-term contract when prices are low and then go to a shorter term contract when prices are higher.

Often during our conversations,  we can suggest specific money-saving actions in addition to finding the best rates.  (For example, see our discussion of Restaurants.)  We work with a wide variety of companies and gain knowledge about their industry through our relationships.  Industries we serve include:

Commercial – (Service Companies)

  1. Restaurant – Food & Beverage
  2. Office Space – Retail
  3. Auto Dealerships
  4. Laundry’s & Cleaners
  5. Climate Controlled/Cold Storage
  6. Printing & Publishing
  7. Health Care



  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Mining
  3. Farming


Manufacturing & Construction

  1. Auto Manufacturing
  2. Chemical Manufacturing
  3. Food Manufacturing
  4. Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  5. Fabricating/Tool & Die

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