Compress Shield

Compress Shield – Polarized Refrigerant Additive

Compress-ShieldCompress Shield creates a heat conductive protective barrier throughout the Air-Conditioning or Refrigeration System. This barrier maintains cooler operating temperatures in the compressor, protects the moving parts from friction and increases heat transfer in the coils. What does Compress Shield Do? Compress Shield increases efficiency Compress Shield is a pure lubricant with characteristics of metal that transfers heat. It breaks up stagnant refrigeration oil in the condenser and evaporator restoring the system’s ability to transfer heat. Reduces mechanical friction: By coating the metal surfaces of moving parts in the compressor, mechanical friction between the parts is reduced. Improved lubricity reduces corresponding wear on parts and excess heat generated, extends drip down time, reduces valve noise, maintains seal pliability, and reduces oil foaming. Reduces run time: By improving the heat transfer rate of the evaporator and condenser, the system capacity is restored. With capacity restored, compressors don’t need to run as long to produce the same amount of heat transfer, and thus cycle off sooner. Click here to learn more about Compress Shield

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